Tips for Managing Compliance on Your Campus

Be More Compliant, Pay Fewer Fines


Image of regulatory compliance bucket with the following headings: miscellaneous federal, civil rights, privacy and information security, international, environmental and financial

A recent study estimates that higher education organizations spend $27 billion on compliance every year. $27 billion! On labor, technology to manage, track, and report on compliance, employee and student training, materials, etc.


Currently, there are 265 federal statutes for institutions to follow, which change every year making it difficult to keep up.


Noncompliance can mean fines that could result in substantial penalties - $150,000, $250,000, and up - plus possible jail time for proven violations.


In a recent University Business magazine article, editors interview Higher Education administrators who outline how institutional leaders can take action to ensure theyʼre on the right track today and to reduce the drain on existing resources:


  • Be aware, continuously aware - mandates change every year, you must stay on top of these changes.
  • Prioritize and prepare - some regulatory issues are a higher priority than others (Campus SaVE Act, VAWA, etc).
  • Improve the odds of compliance - compliance must be a collaboration between all departments.
  • Establish a management model - start with a centralized compliance officer, who is a single point of contact for reporting to the government and establish a compliance committee.


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