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Our prevention and compliance courses are designed to keep your students safe on campus and to help comply with federal legislation, such as Title IX, the Clery Act, Campus SaVE, and more!

EDU - SC - Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention

Educate students on the risks of alcohol and drug abuse and its detrimental effects.

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Campus Life

Support a safer learning environment by exploring complex campus topics.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Advance inclusive culture by exploring diversity and inclusion concepts. 

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Sexual Violence Prevention

Engage students to better understand sexual violence and how to intervene. 

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Prepare students for social and emotional well-being challenges that can occur.

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Engaging and Evidence-Based

Student Course Library

Our Student Course Library has 20+ engaging, research-based courses on Primary Sexual Violence Prevention, Supplemental Sexual Violence Prevention, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, and Campus Life topics.

Two Course Styles to Better Fit Your Campus
Culture and Institutional Values

With awareness and prevention at its foundation, our Student Course Library features two unique styles of course design - allowing you to choose which approach best matches your culture and values.




Our Sexual Violence Prevention and Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention courses feature student presenters and real-life testimonials to stimulate change in behaviors and attitudes by helping students emotionally connect to, and better understand, these topics.


Informative & Concise

Our Campus Life courses help educate in a direct and concise manner on important topics that can often occur on campus, such as Active Shooter, Campus Fire Safety, Cyber Security, Diversity Awareness, LGBTQ+, Sensitivity Awareness, Title IX,  and more! 

Trusted and Relevant Content

Written by Leading Experts


Michelle Issadore

The NCHERM Group


Dr. Steve Pearlman

University of Saint Joseph


Alison Kiss

Former Executive Director of the Clery Center

Our course authors are nationally renowned industry experts with an in-depth understanding of relevant issues affecting students on campus.