Our Proven Solutions

As a leading provider of online compliance and safety solutions for higher education institutions, we know that meeting federal compliance mandates is more complex now than ever. That’s why we’ve created four web-based, compliance-focused products specifically for campus administrators! And, when you purchase more than one SafeColleges product, you’re eligible for our discount program.


Employee and Student Training

SafeColleges Training helps administrators implement and manage compliance, safety, and prevention training for students, faculty, and staff. Our content is developed by industry experts with high-quality, video content to keep students and employees engaged. Our compliance courses address critical federal laws including Title IX, Harassment and Discrimination, and FERPA.

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Safety Communications Platform

LiveSafe is a powerful safety communications platform and mobile app that can help you surface early warning insights to prevent serious safety and security incidents. Our Mobile App includes safety tools for campus members, such as anonymous reporting, SafeWalk/SafeDrive, Emergency Services, and Safety Resources and Maps. Our Platform includes powerful features for officials, such as tips management, broadcast messaging and check-in, and analytics.


Incident Management

SafeColleges Incident allows administrators to efficiently collect, manage, analyze and act upon comprehensive incident data. Easily customizable, this system can be utilized campus-wide by employees or students for conduct and discipline management, injury incidents, and more. Administrators are immediately notified once an incident has been submitted and can begin the investigation. Also, incident data only needs to be inputted once and then is automatically populated onto multiple forms – eliminating re-entry time!


SDS & Chemical Management

SafeColleges SDS provides your administration with an easily-accessible, GHS compliant solution for storage and organization of your campus’s safety data sheets. Campus chemicals can be organized by location (buildings) or by collection (rooms, labs, and storage.) Campus staff can quickly access or input data into our web-based system from any device, anywhere on campus. Best of all, your SDS information can be reached at a moment’s notice – making your campus even safer for students, faculty, and staff!

Saving Time, Money, and Lives!

  • Our award-winning programs are unique in that they've been created specifically for higher education administrators. We haven't repurposed general industry or K-12 solutions for colleges, so every SafeColleges program fits your unique safety and compliance needs!
  • We want to make your job easier, not harder, so our programs have been designed to be easy to use and implement. We can normally have your programs up and running in a day.
  • Our solutions are trusted by thousands of academic clients around the world because they help administrators save time, money, and most importantly, lives.
  • In fact, SafeColleges customers who have implemented our solutions well have seen more than a 50% reduction in injuries and losses, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year!