Sexual Assault Awareness Month

What You Do Today Might Change Someone's Tomorrow

Even with the best prevention efforts in place, sadly, students, faculty, and staff throughout the world will become victims of sexual assault and violence. At Vector Solutions, we know that each of us plays a vital role in preventing and reducing sexual assault and violence on campus. A role so important that our actions today can very well change the outcomes for tomorrow.

That’s why in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Vector Solutions is providing a variety of free valuable resources to educators and administrators to use on their campus and in their classrooms to change student and employee behaviors regarding sexual assault and violence.

Free Webinar: Getting Strategic with Our Sexual Assault Prevention Efforts

We’re hosted a free webinar with sexual assault and violence prevention expert, Michelle Issadore, to provide administrators and educators with key information that can help you refocus your strategic planning for prevention.

We are in a time when proposed Title IX regulations make the Violence Against Women Act provisions critical and the cultural phenomenon that is the #MeToo movement is shining a spotlight on issues of sexual violence, more than ever. Learn how to best hone your message, capture the attention of your students, faculty, and staff, and build partnerships to create real changes in your campus climate.

Michelle Issadore, M.Ed. is the Vice President, Association Management for The NCHERM Group, a SafeColleges Training Author, the former Senior Associate Executive Director for the Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA), and the former Executive Director of the School and College Organization for Prevention Educators (SCOPE).


Free Digital Resources

We've created a variety of free resources for institutions for higher education to use in their sexual assault prevention efforts.