Scenario Learning Announces New Suite of Student Courses in SafeColleges Training

One Convenient Solution for Both Employee & Student Compliance Training


Cincinnati, Ohio (March 31, 2015) – While college can be an exciting time for students, it also comes with some serious safety hazards. Statistics show that four out of five college students drink alcohol, and the majority of drinkers participate in binge drinking. More than 1,800 college students die each year from alcohol-related injuries, and 97,000 students are victims of alcohol-related sexual assault or date rape. To help colleges and universities combat these critical issues, Scenario Learning, LLC announces a new suite of courses – specifically designed for students – in its SafeColleges Online Training System.


On the heels of announcing new Campus Sexual Violence Prevention courses for staff members, Scenario Learning continues to help colleges and universities satisfy requirements of the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (SaVE Act) provision, including reporting requirements, student discipline requirements and requirements to educate students and employees on sexual violence.


The new SafeColleges Online Training System Student Suite includes these expert-authored courses:


  • Alcohol Awareness for College Students: Students often underestimate the potentially dangerous effects of alcohol consumption. Excessive drinking can lead to poor grades, addiction, violence, sexual assault, drunk driving, alcohol poisoning and, in some cases, death. This course provides college students with awareness of issues related to alcohol and precautions to consider.
  • Campus SaVE Act for Students - Sexual Violence Awareness: Sexual assault remains a significant problem on college campuses, despite the fact that federal law guarantees all students the right to an education free from sexual harassment and sexual violence. The effects of sexual violence can be long lasting, as well as emotionally and physically devastating. This course educates college and university students on proper identification, response and handling of sexual violence incidents.
  • Bystander Intervention for Students: About one out of every five women in college experiences attempted or completed sexual assault. Meanwhile, 90 percent of women know the person who sexually assaulted them. Sexual violence not only affects the men and women who are directly involved, but it also affects the people around them. Family members, friends, bystanders and classmates of victims can all feel equally helpless and suffer in the wake of sexual violence. This course provides college students with bystander awareness and strategies to intervene.


 The SafeColleges Online Training System simplifies training administration, saving valuable time and money. Students are notified by email of assignments and can take courses online, through any Web-enabled device. Administrators can also upload their campus-specific policies and courses to the system and assign them to students. Every course completion is automatically tracked in the SafeColleges Training System, where administrators can easily manage and report compliance for all staff and students.


“Safety is an issue that affects all members of a campus community – so everyone, including staff and students, should receive proper training on important campus safety topics,” said Brian Taylor, CEO of Scenario Learning. “Our new student courses not only educate students, but help empower them to do the right thing as well.”


The new Student Suite is available as part of an annual subscription to the SafeColleges Online Training System. Existing SafeColleges Training customers may add the Student Suite to their subscription for a nominal fee. All SafeColleges Training courses are 100 percent campus-focused and written by the nation’s leading safety experts. Using the system, administrators can easily track training completions, monitor progress, download compliance reports and view or print certificates of completions.


For more information on the SafeColleges Online Training System’s student courses, please call 1.800.434.0154 or email For more information on SafeColleges Training, please visit