Safety Alert – Hazing

Don't Let Your Campus Be the Next Headline


Hazing is not a rite of passage and isn't just 'kids being kids.'


Did you know that more than 53% of students involved in clubs, Greek life, and sports have experienced hazing? Alcohol consumption, humiliation, isolation, sleep-deprivation, and sex acts are hazing practices common across student groups.


Many experts equate hazing to an extreme form of bullying. Hazing violates a college or university's student code of conduct and is often illegal. 44 states have outlawed the practice.


Even though hazing is outlawed in many states, the practice is still going strong, unfortunately with deadly consequences. In May 2017, the majority of campus safety headlines involved the topic of hazing at Penn State, FSU, WVU, and more. Timothy Piazza, a young pledge at PSU looking for camaraderie lost his life last year and 18 of his fraternity brothers were criminally charged in his death.


Timothy Piazza


Is hazing still tolerated on your campus? What are you doing to protect your students?


The SafeColleges Training System has a Hazing course that helps employees understand what hazing is, explains why hazing occurs, and educates best ways to identify and address hazing incidents. For more information on this course, or SafeColleges in general, please contact us at 1-800-434-0154 or