A Powerful Partnership Creates a Safer Campus

SafeColleges has developed a new partnership with LiveSafe to offer greater tools and technology for a safer campus.

Our goal is to increase safety at institutions by integrating LiveSafe’s Risk Intelligence Technology Platform with SafeColleges Training Safety and Prevention Courses, allowing for students, faculty, and staff to more easily and quickly identify, share, and receive information about potential safety threats. 

SafeColleges LiveSafe
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Identify, Share, and Receive Information about Potential Safety Threats

Students, faculty, and staff often know what's happening on campus before you do, making each a critical resource to help increase campus safety.


Advanced Features Include:

Intuitive Mobile App

The LiveSafe Mobile App provides your campus community members with a variety of safety tools at their fingertips and serves as a communication vehicle with campus officials.

Command Dashboard

The Communications Command Dashboard is a cloud-based platform designed for campus officials to monitor and manage all incoming and outgoing traffic.

Anonymous Reporting

Through our mobile application, end users can submit tips, anonymous or not, or share information with campus officials on a variety of topics, such as assault and safety threats. 

Broadcast and Check-In

Campus officials can send mass notifications to all campus community members with critical safety information and "check in" with members, which prompts user feedback.

SafeWalk and SafeDrive

The SafeWalk features allows users to connect with anyone of his or her choosing, with or without the mobile application, to track the user while traveling from Point A to Point B.

Powerful Analytics

Campus officials can analyze a variety of data points, which can provide insightful patterns and trends allowing your institution to pinpoint  areas requiring attention.

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