Tip Reporting

Tip Reporting

Provide Your Campus with an Anonymous Tip Reporting System

Our SafeColleges Alert Tip Reporting System lets your students, faculty and staff anonymously report tips to your administration from anywhere on campus with any web-enabled device. The system enables administrators to investigate and prevent sexual assault, hazing, discrimination, threats of violence, and more on your campus. Your custom Alert system will keep you connected 24/7, 365; administrators are immediately notified of every tip and can easily track and manage incidents to resolution in our web-based system.

Fast, Easy & Anonymous Reporting

Instant Reporting

Administrators are immediately notified of every tip submitted, so you can take appropriate action. 2-way communication – administrators and tipsters can communicate to follow-up and resolve the incident.

5-Way Tip Submission

  1. Mobile App
  2. Phone
  3. Text
  4. Email
  5. Website

"Research shows that 57% of students would not report a tip if they could not do it anonymously. That’s why colleges and universities nationwide are providing their students, staff and faculty with SafeColleges Alert."

Tips are Tracked in One Centralized System

Automated Delegation

Workflows automate many of the steps involved in tip resolution and administrators can easily delegate tips to colleagues who can investigate and manage tips to resolution

Immediate Notification

Every tip is immediately logged in your custom Alert system and appropriate staff members are notified via email

Clery Act Compatible

Administrative reporting features help administrators or staff monitor trends by victims, offender, building, and incident type - providing important data to help campuses comply with the Clery Act requirements.

Customizable Marketing Material

Free customizable fliers, posters, campus announcement and a handbook copy help you communicate this valuable resource campus-wide with your specific tip reporting instructions. So, everyone on your campus knows how to submit, even in an emergency.

Valuable Uses for the SafeColleges Alert System so Both Students and Employees Can Easily Report:

  • Sexual Assault or Violence
  • Hazing
  • Discrimination
  • Crime or Threats of Violence
  • Code of Ethics Violations
  • Student Health
  • Drug or Alcohol Abuse

The SafeColleges Alert Mobile App Coming Soon

In addition to submitting tips or reporting incidents via phone, text, web or email – students, faculty and staff can download and use the SafeColleges Alert mobile application.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Allowing students, faculty and staff to use their smart devices to quickly submit tips or report incidents.

Push Notifications

Alert users when a reply has been sent to their submitted tip and allowing private, two-way conversations between the tipster and an administrator.


Keep track of all submitted tips and communications using your mobile device.

Why Should Your Campus Provide a Tip Reporting System for Students and Employees?

Be Updated

Knowledge is power – Students and faculty often know what’s happening on campus before you do, making each a huge resource to establish campus safety.

Provide Anonymity

Tipsters are more likely to report through our online system because they know immediately who to tell and can limit their involvement in potentially dangerous situations-known deterrents to reporting.

Committed to Safety

Send a message to your students, faculty and staff that the campus is working to address safety needs by providing a system with multiple points of contact to ensure an even safer campus.