Online SDS & Chemical Management System

Online SDS & Chemical Management System

sds_computer_screenshot4Protect Your Campus with an Easily-Accessible SDS System

The SafeColleges SDS & Chemical Management System provides your administration with an easily-accessible, GHS compliant solution for storage and organization of your campus’s safety data sheets.

Campus staff can quickly access or input data into our web-enabled system from any device, anywhere on campus.

Your SDS information can be reached at a moment’s notice in case of an emergency – making your campus even safer for students, faculty and staff.

Our affordable online system streamlines management and increases safety:

  • Includes a repository with over 10,000 searchable Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) that are commonly found in educational institutions or easily upload your existing SDS collection into our system.
  • Organize your chemicals on campus by location (buildings) and by collection (rooms, labs and storage).
  • Control access as to who can make site changes or view specific folders.
  • Use our powerful search feature to quickly find a specific SDS in case of an emergency.
  • Broadcast important messages to staff using the information center.
  • Print secondary container labels with important hazard warnings and pictograms, posters with QR codes and organized physical binders.

GHS Compliant

GHS compliance deadlines are in full effect – all institutions with chemicals must be fully compliant – including using the new GHS formats for SDSs, safety labels and chemical reclassification as well as providing employee training.

Hazard Communication was the second most cited OSHA violation in 2017 – Pay fewer OSHA fines with the SafeColleges SDS & Chemical Management System!

To learn more about GHS & OSHA’s mandates, click here.

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