The Smart Choice for a Complete Solution

As a busy campus administrator, you need a solution that helps you comply with state and federal training mandates for health and safety. The SafeColleges Online Training System can be a valuable part of your compliance toolkit.

compliance_content_iconCourse Content
Our campus-focused, expert-authored courses include five compliance components: Objectives, Tutorial, Scenarios, Quiz, and Resources.

compliance_reviews_iconPractitioner Reviews & Association Guidance
College Practitioners review all of our courses. We also work closely with state associations to adapt courses for changing legislation.

compliance_campus_iconCampus-Specific Policy Tracking
Administrators can upload or link to any campus-specific policy, plan, or procedure and each employee’s review and acceptance are documented.

compliance_track_iconTracking Offline Training
Any type of training can be tracked within our system. Administrators can document all compliance training – even “hands-on” CPR, Equipment, etc.

compliance_coordinate_iconCourse Coordinators
Course Coordinators can be identified and assigned for each course in our system to field additional questions (i.e. Ask a nurse about Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure).

compliance_notes_iconCompliance Notes in Training Plan
Compliance notes are included in each Training Plan with valuable reminders that help colleges stay in compliance with state and federal mandates.

compliance_time_iconReal-time Compliance Reporting
Every assignment and completion is auto-documented and made available for compliance tracking in real-time. All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

compliance_archive_iconAutomatic Archiving of Historical Reports
The system automatically archives compliance reports that can be accessed at a later date.