Additional Course Options

Additional Course Options

Interpersonal Violence Prevention Training
for Students

Not Anymore is a suite of research-driven interpersonal violence prevention courses that can help you comply with Title IX and VAWA. The courses change behaviors on your 4-year or community college campus, by educating students about the dangers of interpersonal violence and alcohol and drug abuse, through powerful real life testimonials from survivors.

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Specialized Training to Meet Your Institution's Needs

Community Colleges

Developed with the unique needs of community college students in mind, the Not Anymore Community Colleges program covers these important topics and includes testimonials from community college survivors of interpersonal violence:

  • Consent/Sexual Assault
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Verbal Defense
  • Alcohol
  • Dating/Domestic Violence
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Stalking
  • What to do if….

4-Year Institutions

The Not Anymore program for 4-year colleges and universities includes specialized training by the different types of students on your campus (Undergraduate, Graduate, Returning, International, Campus Leaders, and Non-Traditional) and covers these important topics:

  • Consent/Sexual Assault
  • Rape Culture
  • Bystander Intervention
  • Verbal Defense
  • Dating/Domestic Violence
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Stalking
  • What to do to help yourself/others
  • Gender Discrimination (Graduate)

Training by Student Type

Community College Students

Not Anymore for Community College students is a reality-based suite of nine interpersonal violence prevention courses designed specifically for community college students. The training features peer presenters of various ages as well as select scenarios that are more age-appropriate.

Undergraduate Students

Not Anymore for Undergraduate Students is a reality-based suite of 19 courses designed to reduce interpersonal violence on your campus, while helping you meet VAWA and Title IX education mandates.

Graduate Students

We recognize that while graduate students need to understand how to prevent interpersonal violence, they are often older and deserve specific training customized for them. This version of Not Anymore uses older peer perspectives as well as scenarios that are more age appropriate.

International Students – Title IX Essentials

This program helps international students better understand Title IX issues and how they relate to U.S. culture. Addressing crucial, real-world topics and featuring testimonials from international students, this course is an introduction, or a supplement to, other prevention education provided by your school.

Returning Students

We offer six different reality-driven refresher options, that are about 25 minutes each, to help your campus meet VAWA requirements for ongoing education for returning students.

Non-Traditional Students

This program is designed for students who are older than typical undergraduate age, and features presenters of various ages and life-experiences.


Campus Leaders

This program provides critical supplemental education on interpersonal violence prevention for students involved with athletics, Greek life, and other campus organizations – students who are often highly influential members of the campus community.  Just published A new Campus Leaders – Athletes course which can help you comply with the new NCAA training mandates for athletes and coaches.

Alcohol & Other Drugs - Expanded Course

This 30-minute reality-driven course offers expanded training on this critical topic and educates students on the many risks of abusing alcohol and drugs. The program includes extensive, research-based evidence of the detrimental effects these substances can have on a student's life, and how social skills and interactions can help reduce harm associated with these substances.

Alcohol & Other Drugs Sanctions

This 40-minute course is for students in need of additional training on these topics. This training helps students better understand why they struggle with alcohol and/or other drugs, and suggests avoidance strategies and other tactics that fit their personalities. The course shows the negative effects these substances can have on academic performance, physical and mental health, and social lives, now and after college.

Prescription: Addiction—Opioids

A program designed to help address America’s opioid addiction epidemic – featuring 12 recovering student addicts who present the devastating realities of opioid abuse along with key advice for avoiding or dealing with opioid addiction. Based on the latest research as well as dialogue from recovering addicts, this course is sure to give students a new perspective on opioids, as well as those who currently suffer from opioid addiction.

Interpersonal Violence Prevention - Employees

Not Anymore's Interpersonal Violence Prevention for Employees course was created in partnership with Juliette Grimmett, MPH, of the Chrysalis Network, an expert with 20 years of violence prevention experience. The program empowers employees to provide effective and caring response to students or colleagues who disclose being affected by interpersonal violence.

Bystander Intervention Training for Students

Every Choice is a reality-based online program aimed at reducing campus sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking by equipping students with realistic, actionable techniques. Focused on bystander intervention and created in partnership with Green Dot, etc, Every Choice training also helps your campus meet Title IX education requirements. The program features numerous student testimonials that foster viewer empathy to help prevent interpersonal violence.

To preview an Every Choice course, please contact us.