Online Safety Training System

Online Safety Training System

High-Quality Safety Training for Employees and Students
Conveniently Delivered Through Our System or Your LMS

Now you can provide high-quality expert-authored safety training from SafeColleges to your employees and students, two convenient ways. If you have an existing LMS, purchase our SCORM-conformant courses to host in your system. If you don’t have an LMS, purchase our training management system with our courses included. Choose the option that best meets your campus’ needs!

Hosting Option 1: Use Our Training Management System


Our web-based system completely automates your employee and student training, saving valuable time and money. Implementation is fast and easy and your custom system can be set up in just a few hours. Safety training and compliance management have never been easier!

Created Specifically for College Campuses

100% college-focused courses by expert authors. Over 150 courses in Environmental Safety; Human Resources; Safety & Security; Health; Information Technology and more.

Bundle Courses for Greater Options

Flexible Employee and Student Course Bundles let you purchase just the training you need.


You Control Your Courses

Assign our multimedia-rich courses, or easily build your own custom courses and policies in our system and assign them, too.

Use On Any Connected Device

Employees and students can train on any web-enabled device, when it’s most convenient.

Harness the Power of Automation

Automated features make training administration simple:

  • Set up Training Plans in minutes.
  • Email notification of assignments and reminders.
  • Course completions are tracked in real-time.
  • Compliance reports are delivered right to your inbox!

Hosting Option 2 – Host Our SCORM-Conformant Courses in Your Existing LMS

Utilize Your LMS

Purchase our SafeColleges Training System courses to host in your existing SCORM conformant Learning Management System (LMS).

Bundle Courses for Greater Options

Flexible Employee and Student Course Bundles so you can purchase just the training you need.

Utilize Your LMS

Streamline access by delivering all your learning content through one solution – no additional systems to set up or manage.

Contact us to receive a sample course to preview in your LMS.

Our SafeColleges Training customers save hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by reducing injuries and training administration time!


Environmental Health & Safety


Human Resources

Safety & Security

Student Affairs

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Determine Your Savings

Research shows that proper training can decrease serious safety incidents and injuries by as much as 70%, saving thousands of dollars each year.  To see how much you could save with the SafeColleges Training System, enter the number of employees you have in the box and hit Calculate.

Total Number of Staff

10% Reduction in Workers' Comp Costs

based on national avg. of $200 per FT employee

10% Reduction in Liability Insurance Costs

based on national avg. of $80 per FT employee

Half-Hour Reduction in Overtime Per Employee

assuming overtime rate of $18 per hour

2% Reduction in Legal Fees

based on national avg. of $100 per FT employee

Offset Expense for Other Training Programs

assuming avg cost of $2 per FT employee

SafeColleges Online Safety Training

assuming avg. annual cost of $10 per FT employee

Annual Savings to Campus

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