Introducing New Expanded Course Offerings for Every Department, Every Budget, Every Learning Environment

While budgets are stressed and COVID-19 keeps administrators in a near-constant state of transition, providing the training and resources faculty, staff, and students need to stay safe is still a top priority. How and where you provide these resources may look different this year, and finding cost-savings and efficiencies will be key to helping you address these important issues.


Whether you’re back in the building or teaching and learning remotely, SafeColleges Training, and our newly expanded course offerings, can help keep employees up to date on training requirements, and ensure that everyone, including students, has the knowledge they need to be better prepared and protected.

Flexible, Online Training Resources

Access high quality courses by leading experts, in one convenient system, saving you valuable time and money. Our training system includes a number of features that make your job easier, especially when managing and delivering training and resources to employees and students in multiple locations. Simple training assignments, email notifications, real-time tracking, customizable courses, flexible subscription options, and multi-product discounts allow you to select and deliver training in a way that best meets your institution’s needs and budget. Explore funding sources that can be utilized with our programs.

Diversity & Inclusion Learning for Faculty, Staff, & Students

We have partnered with DiversityEdu to help institutions advance inclusive culture with interactive online courses powered by a research and skills-based learning approach. Learn More

Facilities Maintenance 3D Training

Specialized 3D animated courses help train your team on how to safely perform preventive maintenance and repairs, without the expense and inconvenience of in-person training. Learn More

Comprehensive and Research-Based Employee Courses

Our SafeColleges Training Employee courses are developed to keep your employees safe on campus and to ensure compliance with federal and state legislation, such as Title IX, FERPA, the Clery Act, VAWA, EEO, HIPAA, and more. Includes new COVID-19 training! Learn More

Engaging and Evidence-Based Student Courses

Our prevention and compliance courses are designed to keep your students safe on campus and to help comply with federal legislation, such as Title IX, the Clery Act, Campus SaVE, and more. Includes new COVID-19 training! Learn More

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Preview Our Diversity & Inclusion Courses

Our Diversity & Inclusion Courses, by DiversityEdu, are proven to increase inclusive languages, attitudes, and behaviors. Courses are available for students, faculty and staff, and academic search committees.