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Study Skills

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  • Authors MJ Wilson, M.A.E.
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    1. Full Course - 19 minutes
      This course is designed for college students.

Success in college largely depends on students’ ability to study effectively. This course provides strategies that students can use to increase their ability to understand what’s being taught, as well as accurately recall the information from memory when necessary. These skills will help students work smarter, not harder, and get the most understanding from their studies in the least amount of time possible.

Expert Authors

MJ Wilson, M.A.E.

As an educator for 15 years, MJ Wilson’s past experience includes teaching in public and private schools as well as educational consulting for local schools. More recently, he is an on-campus speaker and the author of The Best College Student Survival Guide Ever Written (2013). Wilson received his M.A.E. from Otterbein University (2010).