Intimate Partner Violence For Students

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Intimate Partner Violence For Students

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    1. Full Course - 41 minutes
      This version is designed for college and university students.

Intimate partner violence can affect anyone, regardless of a person’s gender or sexual orientation and may involve physical and/or sexual violence,stalking and/or psychological aggression. College students are among the most frequent victims of intimate partner violence, which can be devastating to the victim and harmful to the campus environment. This course helps educate college and university students on how to properly identify, respond to and handle incidents of intimate partner violence, including those related to VAWA and Title IX.

Expert Authors

Wendy Armstrong

Wendy Armstrong is an attorney licensed to practice in Ohio and California. She received a BA in Psychology from Miami University, a MA in Psychology from Boston University, and a JD from Chase College of Law. Wendy worked for the Hamilton County Court of Domestic Relations (in Cincinnati, OH) as a Family Counselor; she worked for Kaufman and Young Law Firm in Beverly Hills, CA; and is now in private practice. She has authored school-based training on Child Abuse, Intimate Partner Violence, the Clery and Save Acts and others.