Forklift Safety


Forklift Safety

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  • Authors Jeremy Norton
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    1. Full Course - 17 minutes
      This version is designed for college staff.

This course provides staff members with an overview of important safety procedures to be used when operating a forklift. This course is not intended to replace hands-on training for the specific forklift that you will be using at your job. You must receive hands-on training on the safe use of the specific type and model of lift from a qualified trainer.

Expert Authors

Jeremy Norton

Mr. Jeremy Norton got his start in the safety business when he enlisted in the US Navy. He became a nuclear engineer on the USS Carl Vinson, where he was responsible for the training and safety program for a nuclear power plant machinery room. After leaving the service, Jeremy ran safety and training programs for semi-conductor manufacturer firms, and an international wind power utility. Jeremy has a Masters in Business Administration, and is currently the CEO of Affordable Safety Training LLC.