Employees (Full Course)


Employees (Full Course)

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    1. Full Course - 28 minutes
      This course is designed for college and university employees.

Not Anymore for Employees was created in partnership with Juliette Grimmett, MPH, of the Chrysalis Network. Drawing on Juliette’s 20 years of violence prevention work, the program is designed to empower employees to provide an effective and caring response to students or colleagues who disclose being affected by interpersonal violence. The program covers such crucial topics as the prevalence of these crimes on campus, why people perpetrate, federal requirements for campuses, the power of primary prevention, sexual harassment and sexual discrimination, how to be an active bystander, Title IX and what it means, reporting obligations, trauma-informed response, campus policies and resources, and more.

Expert Authors

Steve Pearlman, PhD

With 25+ years in higher education, Steven J. Pearlman, PhD holds specialized experience and knowledge in learning theory, online learning research, and socio-cultural topics such as sexual assault prevention, and alcohol and drug abuse. He’s conceptualized and authored numerous Not Anymore programs and served as a consultant for the U.S. Army’s initiatives to curtail sexual violence.