Alcohol and Other Drugs (Refresher)

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention

Alcohol and Other Drugs (Refresher)

  • Category Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention
  • Authors Steve Pearlman, PhD
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    1. Refresher - 12 minutes
      This course is designed for college and university students.

Alcohol & Other Drugs (Refresher) is designed to remind students of the dangers they face from alcohol and other drugs. Using powerful real-life testimonials, peer presenters and engaging motion graphics, this course helps students better understand why they struggle with alcohol and/or other drugs, and suggests avoidance strategies and other tactics. (Featuring Not Anymore content)

Expert Authors

Steve Pearlman, PhD

With 25+ years in higher education, Steven J. Pearlman, PhD holds specialized experience and knowledge in learning theory, online learning research, and socio-cultural topics such as sexual assault prevention, and alcohol and drug abuse. He’s conceptualized and authored numerous Not Anymore programs and served as a consultant for the U.S. Army’s initiatives to curtail sexual violence.