03 Not Anymore: Consent/Sexual Assault – Secondary (Non-Traditional)

Not Anymore: Non-Traditional Students

03 Not Anymore: Consent/Sexual Assault - Secondary (Non-Traditional)

  • Category Not Anymore: Non-Traditional Students
  • Authors Steve Pearlman, PhD
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    1. Full Course - 2 minutes
      This course is designed for non-traditional students.

Consent is an ongoing process, and can be withdrawn at any time. This module shows how consent works in the moment, how to distinguish between consensual and non-consensual activity and the importance of recognizing verbal and nonverbal cues.

Expert Authors

Steve Pearlman, PhD

With 25+ years in higher education, Steven J. Pearlman, PhD holds specialized experience and knowledge in learning theory, online learning research, and socio-cultural topics such as sexual assault prevention, and alcohol and drug abuse. He’s conceptualized and authored numerous Not Anymore programs and served as a consultant for the U.S. Army’s initiatives to curtail sexual violence.