02 Not Anymore: Consent/Sexual Assault – Primary (Graduate)

Not Anymore: Graduate Students

02 Not Anymore: Consent/Sexual Assault - Primary (Graduate)

  • Category Not Anymore: Graduate Students
  • Authors Steve Pearlman, PhD
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    1. Full Course - 10 minutes
      This course is designed for graduate students.

Consent isn’t just the absence of “no.” This course provides an overview on consent and the line between mutual sexual activity and sexual assault. We hear the stories of four survivors who describe what rape and lack of consent looks like, the continued effects that it has on them, and how to maintain a hopeful outlook during recovery.

Expert Authors

Steve Pearlman, PhD

With 25+ years in higher education, Steven J. Pearlman, PhD holds specialized experience and knowledge in learning theory, online learning research, and socio-cultural topics such as sexual assault prevention, and alcohol and drug abuse. He’s conceptualized and authored numerous Not Anymore programs and served as a consultant for the U.S. Army’s initiatives to curtail sexual violence.