Safety Alerts

2019 Coronavirus: Resources + What You Should Know

2019 Coronavirus: Resources + What You Should Know  As the 2019 Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak is increasing throughout the United States, many institutions for higher education have begun to cancel classes and opt to a virtual learning setting. The first case within the United States was identified on January 21, 2020 and current cases are…

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Pennsylvania Act 16: What You Need to Know

In June 2019, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf furthered his “It’s On Us” campaign by signing Act 16 into law, which requires colleges and universities to review and adopt policy on sexual harassment and violence as well as implement an online reporting system within a year. “The reluctance of assault victims to report these acts to…

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Ensuring ADA Compliance Campus-Wide

Although the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been around for thirty years, institutions are still taken to court for not fully complying with ADA requirements – resulting in heavy fines. Complying with ADA can be complex and time-consuming, but it’s critical that all campus members are ensured the same opportunities as their counterparts. In…

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The 60-Day Comment Period is Over | What’s Next for Title IX?

What You Should Know About the Proposed Title IX Revisions In 2017, Secretary Betsy Devos, at the helm of the Department of Education (DOE), rescinded the previous administration’s 2011 guidance on Title IX, also known as the Dear Colleague Letter (DCL), with the promise that revisions for the legislation would be released soon. The purpose of…

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College students binge drinking at campus party

Binge Drinking on Campus – What You Need to Know

As the school year begins, it’s essential to discuss strategies and procedures with appropriate campus staff to reduce the rates of binge drinking or high-risk drinking by students on your campus. Binge or high-risk drinking is the most common, costly and deadly pattern of excessive alcohol use in the United States. And, according to a…

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Safety Alert – Hazing

Don’t Let Your Campus Be the Next Headline   Hazing is not a rite of passage and isn’t just ‘kids being kids.’   Did you know that more than 53% of students involved in clubs, Greek life, and sports have experienced hazing? Alcohol consumption, humiliation, isolation, sleep-deprivation, and sex acts are hazing practices common across…

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Safety Alert – Sexual Misconduct Settlements

What Your Campus Can Do to Prevent Sexual Misconduct   In what is thought to be the largest university sexual misconduct case settlement, Michigan State will pay $500 million to 332 victims of Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse. Previously, Penn State University paid $100 million to at least 35 victims of Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse.  …

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