[Webinar] "Empower Employeees to Better Understand Campus-Wide Compliance Obligations"

It’s difficult and complex to ensure full compliance with federal and state legislation on your college or university campus. And, in some cases, institutions may think they are compliant when, in fact, they’re not. It’s critical that institutions begin to view campus compliance as an all-hands approach, educating employees on how the specific legislation affects them and their role in your compliance.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the following:

  • Defining Compliance and Your Institution’s Approach to
  • Overview of Federal/State Legislation Affecting Institutions for
    Higher Education
  • Common Misconceptions and Oversights
  • An “All Hands Approach”: Building a Culture of Training
  • SafeColleges Training Overview



Morgane Williams 

Regional Director, Higher Education

Morgane brings an extensive amount of experience and knowledge with eLearning solutions and how to best utilize them in a higher education setting. Through her commitment to customers, Morgane continues to learn how to best utilize technology to make effective change within campus communities.

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